Active Directory signature script no longer working correctly in outlook if version is office 365

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We have a vbscript that creates an email signature from LDAP which we have used for about 10 years or so.


Running the script will take the users information from our AD and then create and save a signature in outlook.exe under the users email account


However in the last month or two it has stoped functioning correctly for anyone who has office 365 installed


(We use Exchange 2016 for our email server our emails arent using microsoft online services)

we have roughly 20% of our users using O365 the rest use Home & Business 2019/2016

basically when O365 users run the script it is saving the signature under 'Signatures on this device' instead of the users email account


This is a script I have inherited, I know very little of programming and I am not sure how to fix this so it functions correctly, can anybody help me with this?


Many Thanks

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