Actionable messages (MS Flow Approvals) working in OWA, not OL2016

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When users in our environment receive an actionable message (an Approval message from Microsoft Flow) in Outlook Web Access, it behaves as expected. That is, they click Approve or Reject, the comments box opens and a Confirm button appears. However, when they open the message in Outlook 2016 on Windows, the Approve and Reject buttons function as hyperlinks that take the user to the Flow Approvals Center in a browser window, which sometimes pops up behind the Outlook window (or on another screen - everyone's got 2 or 3 screens around here). This is not ideal.


I know some other folks have reported similar issues and traced them back to third-party content filters. We are using ATP and Safe Links, which (I would assume) should recognize the "actionable" part of the message as safe. Is anyone else using ATP/Safe Links and NOT having this issue with Actionable messages?

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