Account action is required, but can only fix it for a few days

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Hello, I have a problem with my account.
A warning symbol appears reguarly to the right of my Outlook Account (in the Mail App)


When I click on it it says (translated, cus my OS is in german):

Action required
Account is being repaired...


and I need to login again. Then it runs for some time quite normal till it says again that an "action" is required. Tried to google for it, but everything I find are users who getting Mails which are saying an action is required and not them having this account problem. 


I have also 2 other accounts active, but this is the only one with this problem.

Unfortunately, this is also the only account that I don't use for emails but for the Xbox Beta App (Game Pass). This issue gets me kicked out of all active sessions.


Do any of you know what it is about or know how to fix it perma.?

Thanks for your time, even if you can't help me :)


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