Accessing email in Outlook

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I am the owner of the business.  I hired an office manager, and she set up outlook with herself as the admin and me as a user.  Long story short, she got fired.  I did get access to her account (Email address removed) and changed it to Email address removed and also changed the password when she was terminated. 

However, I'm needing to check what's in her email box, as I'm pretty sure it's still receiving messages I need to see.  I added her email address to my Outlook, but it's still showing up as Email address removed and does not show me any emails.  I am new and not familiar with using Outlook and am struggling to troubleshoot this. 

I can be reached by phone at the office at 361-364-4551 if needed, and I do have access to my email, Email address removed

Thank you for any help!

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