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Hi all,

I'm fuuuuuuming now. I have 4 emails of hotmail since 15+ years and verification started which caused me an issue. My first email sends a verification to second email and when i try to access second email it sends to third email , and third to fourth and fourth to first again. So its a loop that needs to be broken.


I have password to all my 4 emails but cant access to verify.

I have filled a form 11 times, twice a day for past 6 days. no success at all. I have contacted support 5 times every time they are promising me to be called but no one did. whats wrong with outlook nowadays? i never faced these issues before and now they are saying its all based on AI and machine so they cant do anything i mean 15 yeas of emails are gone.

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That sounds very frustrating, for sure. I don't know that this is a situation that the online account recovery form is designed to fix (guessing that is the form you are referring to). I am not sure how you ended up directed to the Tech Community, but this isn't a support site and you clearly need some more support. I recommend asking your question on the Microsoft Answers Support Community where there are a variety of volunteer and paid people who may have better insights into this type of loop. Here is a direct link: Create a new question or start a discussion (





"I have password to all my 4 emails but cant access to verify."

Are your accounts synced and you have access to content, you can send and receive messages, or when was the last time you logged in correctly to these accounts ->

on the computer , phone , and the problem is only authentication?

Let me add that what you call a loop - is the correct way to verify all IT companies in a similar way to secure the account.