A Lite verion of Outlook

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I have used Hotmail/Outlook for over 30 years and now that I have retired I really do not need all of the wonderful updates to Outlook.

I can obtain an Outlook Lite on my Android phone, but there does not seem to be a similar cut down version for my Laptop (Windows 10).

This one of the reasons that I still  @hotmail.com as my email address.

Can I please simply have an email client without all the bells and whistles?

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Disable all updates on your laptop then.


You can use Outlook on the Web and install it as an app via your browser (or just pin it to your Taskbar).


You can also use the Windows Mail app which comes pre-installed with Windows 10. Eventually, that will get replaced with the New Outlook app though but is still free to use for Outlook.com/Hotmail accounts.