2023 Holidays not showing in Outlook 2016

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I tried deleting the holidays and then adding them again, but it will only add them to 2022, 2023 is missing. any help will be greatly appreciated.




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@dlopez1006same problem here. No solution found yet. An end of life support issue for Outlook 2016?

@dlopez1006, O.K., here's what's needed, an updated outlook.hol file. Download it from here:



You will need to extract it from the Zip file (a pointless complication in this day and age, Microsoft).


I'm not sure if you need to put it in the same folder as your outlook.pst file, but that is what I did. Then double click it and let it install holidays again (accept the warning that they are already installed). It worked for me.

@Pastor153  thank you! 

This worked and i was looking everywhere for a solution - thank you for posting!