0xCAA80000 outlook 2016 'You need internet for this'






I have Outlook 2016 (ProPlus) with 4 Office 365 accounts.
Since yesterday I account is not connecting to Office 365 anymore, I get error code 0xCAA80000 'You need internet for this'


Other accounts in same Outlook 2016 client are working fine.


The account with the error is working perfectly in Outlook Web Access and Mobile ...


Not found a solution yet - any suggestions ?


Thxs! ;)

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Hi Marcel,


I suspect that you are using Windows 10. if yes please respond with reply if not please tell which operating system you are using??


note : most of this scenarios will happen only when you upgrade from older version of windows OS to win 10.


 if the above scenario is correct please try it on Win 7 or Win 8 machine and let me know the further trails


or if not try the below settings will work for sure.,


To Guide you in Right Direction we want to know:

 *  Are you using Proxy or connected to domain network.


I would suggest you to try these methods and check if that helps:


Method 1:

Disable the proxy settings and check.

 1.Go to Control Panel from start screen of the Windows 8 system.
 2.Now click on Internet Option.
 3.Under the Internet Option dialog box click on Security tab.
 4.Under the Security tab click on Custom level button.
 5.After clicking you will get the Security settings dialog box.
 6.Under that find the Proxy connection.
 7.Now check the radio button says Disable.
 8.After that click on Apply and than OK button to confirm change.
This way you can disable Proxy Connection.


Method 2:

1 - Go to PC setting 
2 - Go to accounts
3 - Press "disconnect" button, now you will change your account to LOCAL
4 - Enter your e-mail from Windows Apps
5 - Enter your e-mail & password 
6 - Now another e-mail address will appear as a backup address, if you added it before, then press " OK " button on down
7 - Your code will be sent to that another e-mail
8 - Enter the code & that's it ( SOLVED )
last question; are you using outlook app or other relevant app provided by Microsoft like windows mail app.
Keep us posted if you face any issues on Windows in future. We will be glad to help you.




this issue is not related to outlook or Microsoft office!!! IS RELATED TO WINDOWS 10 SECURITY

Hi Ravi,


I'm using Windows 10 (1803) - your solutions are for Windows 7/8 - what is your suggestion for Windows 10 ?

I use no proxy

have you checked the video that i have shared on YouTube, as "check on youtube" for win 10
Yes - not the solution - the strange thing is; 2 other O35 account are working ok in the same Outlook 2016 profile
please reinstall the network driver, adapter from clear cache do some troubleshoot on network adapter. from device manager. let me know the status.
on the same machine (faulty one)??
wait, let me confirm that i have understood your issue....
1. you have stable internet connection; able to surf internet but still issue with outlook 2016!
2. other accounts are working fine on the same machine!!
3. faulty account is working fine on OWA

am i right??
All yes - faulty account is even running within Outlook 2016 on a other pc

with consideration of all your input's.... my last suggestion are


1. there could be issue with outlook profile of faulty account
2. there could be issue with local profile account(user)


->to resolve the 1st scenario you can use "outlook & O365 recovery tool" use the below link to download the MS office 365 tool

https://diagnostics.outlook.com/#/ or Direct download

install the above tool and proceed further. [90% of chances will resolve issue] or you can also try by re-configuring outlook profile by deleting app-data on temp of that particular account,(%appdata%)




-> to resolve the 2nd scenario; login with different user account on the faulty machine(new user) & configure the outlook, if successful; then issue with older user account you can delete the user account data on local machine and have to the clear registry key on windows registry of that particular user account and then re-login with same account this will create new profile account for the same faulty user account on local machine. then go ahead & configure the stuff and check the status.


  1. Open File Explorer (This PC) and go to C:\USERS\

  2. Right click on the profile you want to remove and select DELETE/RENAME

  3. remove-corrupt-windows10-profile-manuallyOpen RegEdit


  5. Click on each entry until you see the PROFILE IMAGE PATH that matches the one you want to delete

  6. Right click on that entry and select DELETE/RENAME the registry.
  7. Reboot and sign in with the username you just removed and a nice new profile should be created.




Thanks for your effort - but none is working....

I tried a new profile (local) everything - it works great on other machine ...

I'll wait for new MS updates - maybe that will fix something
in case of solution found for this issue please update here.
thank you,

Hi Marcel,


Have you tried this registry key?





I just tried - but seems to be not the solution (is also other error code)

Marcel, have you come any closer to this?

I have the same problem - everything works fine except accessing O365-"things" from office-desktop apps...

I'm also running Windows 10 (1803)

Try disabling VPN if you use one.