When creating new message OCM entries do not appear as contacts

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We've just started using OCM with Outlook 2016 and Office 365 and we like it in principle but have an issue when creating new emails.

When adding recipients to a new message OCM contacts do NOT appear as options in the contact list nor do they get picked up by auto-complete. We can easily send individual emails to OCM contacts from the OCM side bar but we'd like to be able to use OCM as an alternative contact list.

Is this something that can be configured or is it not an option?



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Hi Simon,


I'd like to share my test with you:

1. First, I type in the OCM contact email address manually and send out the email to the receipt in Outlook.

2. Next time, when I use Outlook directly (not from OCM side bar) to send emails to this specific OCM receipt, the email address generates by auto-compelte in the To bar.


So based on my test, it should be a workaround to let OCM contact appear get picked up by auto-complete when creating new emails. 

If there is any misunderstanding, please correct me and provide some screenshots about the scenario you have encountered.




Hi Lance

Thanks for the info, but surely this is just the default behaviour that a previous recipient comes up in the auto-complete, this still doesn't resolve the issue of adding a contact to the OCM, sure it will come up in my auto-complete and address book but doesn't show up in colleagues address book even when added as a shared contact from OCM.

I'm slightly confused by the relationship between contacts and OCM anyway and need to do some more investigating to try to pin my issue down. I noticed that if I add a contact in the "traditional" way by right-clicking and clicking Add to Contacts that the contact appears in OCM (i.e. The add as contact link on OCM changes to view details), so it looks like the best way is to add as a contact and then edit the OCM (although having tried this a few more times it appears to be inconsistent at best)


Are you able to explain the relationship between the GAL and the OCM? Are they connected?





Hi Simon,


OCM contacts has nothing to do with GAL. They are not connected.