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Hi everyone. In Outlook Customer Manager can I access it from a website or only by the Outlook email client? (by the computer). I want to control my clients using Outlook Customer Manager as if it were a program independent of the Outlook email client, how? Thank you!

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Hi Erico,


The OCM Dashboard in Outlook 2016 is the only way to access the core features of the product at this time.  There is also the OCM task pane that you can launch for a selected email via the Customer Manager button in both Outlook 2016 and Outlook Online.  Aside from those experiences there is no dedicated external application or website that provides access to OCM data and features.  However, I believe a mobile OCM app is in the works but I'll leave that for the OCM team to confirm.

Thanks for the answer. I'm waiting for more releases. Yes, it's possible by the app on iOS. But it is not always good to edit this type of information on the phone. I prefer to use the computer.

Thanks for reminding me that the iOS app is out - I completely forgot!  (it's been live for 10 months)

Oops. In this video it appears that it is possible to open a screen ONLY for the OCM. But, I tried to find it now in my Outlook and I could not see it. I think it's just for Windows users. I use the Mac. Does your computer appear on the screen? Do you use Windows or OSX? 


See time 1:01 !!! 



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Unfortunately the full OCM experience is not available for Outlook for Mac yet.  You can upvote this feature request here: