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When will Outlook Customer Manager have a website to more closely monitor our business data? I want to migrate from other CRM's, but without an independent access it gets bad. Tks

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Hi Erico,


Currently we don't have a dedicated website for OCM and you may send us a feature request via the following customer feedback website:


Besides, you can monitor our feature release information in Office 365 road map:




We urgently need Outlook Customer Manager to have a website or app that we can access our customers' information. Everything from Microsoft comes slowly. We are looking forward to migrating from Salesforce to Outlook Customer Manager but this is difficult.


In this video it appears that it is possible to open a screen ONLY for the OCM. But, I tried to find it now in my Outlook and I could not see it. I think it's just for Windows users. I use Outlook on the Macbook. Does your computer appear on the screen? Do you use Windows or OSX? 


See time 1:01 !!! 



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