Using OCM with multiple teams

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 I want to use Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) for multiple teams (sales, management, IT). 


Now I like to know how it works with sharing data within OCM; How do you determine which company/contact belongs to which team?

I can't find anything about that on the internet and also not in OCM itself. When I check the OCM contact group in the address book, I see it uses an alias called 'AllSalesTeam(..), which looks like it shares the data within the sales team only. Am I wrong with that determination or not?

Could somebody help me further with this?

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Hi Alexander Bontenbal,


To determine which company/contact belongs to which team, generally, you can try to distinguish them according to the display name or email address. This depends on how you defined those contacts when created them. 




So there is not really a way to make something like groups, so that contacts/companies that are relevant for certain teams, are only available for those teams?

So like when a certain user is a member from multiple groups, and he makes a contact/company in OCM, that contact/company is then available for each team when the user decides to share it?


Another question: How does it work with e-mails? When a certain user in a team receives an email from a certain contact/company that's in OCM, is that same email directly available to others on the team?

Hi Alexander Bontenbal,


There is no group in OCM, when a user is a member of a group and create a contact/company in OCM, the contact/company is not available for others in Teams. But the user can share the contact to others in the Outlook and then others in team can add the contact to their OCM.


Also when a user in a group received an email from a contact, others in the group cannot receive the same email from the contact.


Regarding the feature for group, you are welcomed to submit your feedback via