Unable to see shared Companies in OCM

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I have recently started trying to use the Outlook Customer Manager.

I successfully imported all our contacts and was delighted to see the Companies appeared to have made themselves from the same import.


The rest of the users are able to see all the contacts I imported in but can not see the Companies which I see in my OCM.


I have tried switching off the Share Company switch, saving then re-enabling and saving again. This did not appear to change anything.


Is there something else I need to enable/do so that the rest of the users can see the companies I have shared?


Kind regards,

Ben C

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Hi Ben C,


I understand when you share your Contacts and Companies to your users and they cannot see the Companies you shared, right?


May I know if all users cannot see the shared companies or part of them? Can those affected users see other shared OCM companies from other people? So, we can know if the issue is related to you or those users.


If they cannot see all others' shared companies, please let them try as following:


Go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases > Delete cache files for the website "outlookapps.com". Then, restart Outlook 2016.




Hi Iry,


Many thanks for replying with a suggestion.


As it turns out, the companies I un-shared, saved, then re-shared again did eventually show up for the other users.


Unfortunately I have over 250 companies listed and it seems like I am going to have to open them one at a time un-share, save then re-share and save again to get them to share properly.


You wouldn't happen to know of a quicker way of re-sharing all the companies?


Kind Regards,

Ben C