Unable to access Addi-ins Button

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Can anyone help me access the Add-ins button in outlook to get to the customer manager?  The icon is missing from the bottom left of outlook and is greyed out if I add it to the ribbon.


OutlookAddinIssue.png3-21-2018 2-32-27 PM.jpg

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Hi Joshua,


May I confirm the detailed Outlook version & Build? I'm using  the Version 1803 (Build 9126.2072 Click to Run) and the add-ins button just stay there normally.


Meanwhile, please help me confirm the following:

1. Your Office 365 Business Premium account is set up via Exchange mode.

2. When you click this button, you've already selected the Inbox folder (or any other folder) under the BP account.





When selecting the ... menu I have a folder selected (inbox for example).


Our office 365 is setup in Hybrid mode with all mailboxes migrated to 365.  I'm licensed for 365 Business Premium.  The strange thing is no other users are having this issue.  I've tried a complete uninstall re-install of Office 365 with no change.3-22-2018 9-21-06 AM.jpg




I am on version 1802 build 9029.2253

3-22-2018 9-14-42 AM.jpg



Hi Joshua,


What if you use your credential to login to Outlook on another co-worker's PC? Does the issue persist?


Would you please create a new profile and check if it helps?