Tracking emails sent from Outlook for Mac OS in Dynamics CRM 365

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I am using Outlook app for Mac latest version 16 on High Sierra and looking to track sent emails and calendar invites to our Dynamics CRM 365.


I can see that our CRM is connected to my Outlook app for when I click on a contact's email in the CRM the outlook new message window pops up but I do not see the tracking button like when I was on PC...



Please help!





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Hi Cedric,


For "click on a contact's email in the CRM the outlook new message window pops up", would you mind providing us a screenshot about it for better understanding? And you mentioned you can see the tracking button on PC, if you mean the windows OS?





Dear Iry,


Thank you very much for your post.


As previously mentioned, I am trying to activate a ‘tracking’ feature between Outlook and our CRM 365.


There is already a connection between the two, for example, when I click on the contact’s email in the CRM then this opens a new message window in Outlook – This works both in Window 10 and Mac OS High Sierra.


However, in Windows 10, I see tracking feature in the Outlook menu that I am not seeing when on Mac:

  • In Windows 10 – email sent gets tracked in ‘Activities’ in CRM


  • On Mac: Tracking features does not appear in Outlook menu:

Mac OS.png

I hope that this was helpful and that you will be able to provide some guidance!


Best regards,

Cedric Dauphin




Have you been able to find an answer regarding my tracking issue Outlook/CRM 365?


Thank you,

Cedric Dauphin