Teams integration not working with Outlook Calendar

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I'm running build 16.33 of outlook on a Macbook running 10.15.3 with Teams version It was last updated on 1/16/20.  My issue is with the Outlook calendar, when creating a meeting I do not get an option to make it a "Teams Meeting".  On my iMac where I'm running the same release of Catalina but with Outlook build 16.32 I am not having this issue.  Any ideas how I can resolve this?

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Have You found any solution to this issue? I have many mac users in my company and we also have this issue. Outlook support does not give any help, unfortunately... only links that doesn't relate to this issue or links that I have already read.

I can see from logs, that there is a setting: Teams Enabled: False but they can't say how can I change this. My account has office 365 premium and Teams Commercial Cloud licenses assigned so I have Teams enabled basically two times. I have tried to reinstall office, teams, account, AND somehow one time this button even appeared. So I even made a guide, how to resolve this problem, but unfortunately, after I demonstrated this workaround to my co-worker, this button did not come back... At least I have a screenshot to prove that I hade it :)  This issue is only related to mac users. I don't have this problem with my PC.





Yes, I did resolve this.  In Outlook, I deleted the account then added it back and that was the fix.  Hope this helps.






Same problem here. 


Outlook 16.36 - License by Volume 

MAc OS - 10.15.4 


When creating a meeting, button Teams Meeting is missing. 


Remove and Add Account did not fix the problem.


Any clues? 




We have not resolved this problem yet. We have Exchange 2016 on-premise servers and it seems that in order to fix this issue, we have to configure a hybrid solution. In the outlook for mac, Your office account must be the same as Teams account and outlook will get its settings from o365. With the Hybrid solution, all on-premise users are linked with their o365 profiles. We have not yet tested this theory, but we plan to do it.



You do not need to run the hybrid configuration wizard to get this to work.  You will need Azure AD Connect set up and syncing your users to Azure and OAuth configured.



As I understand, this oAuth guide is foe exchange 2013. In 2016 it will be configured during the hybrid configuration wizard. 



It is true OAuth is configured when you run the HCW however you do not need to run the HCW.  You can follow the instructions (even if you are running Exchange 2016) in the link I provided and it will work.  This is helpful if an organization only wants to utilize Teams and has no plans to move mailboxes to Office 365.


Ok, Than You for the information. I will trie that.