Tasks not traceable to contacts in Customer Manager

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I can create a task in Customer Manager, with a due date, and the task appears with no problem in the task list. If I view the customer or the task list in the Customer Manager, I can see the associated task. However, when I open the task from the Outlook's Tasks, in the navigation panel, there is no way find out which contact it is linked to.


I currently use the "Daily Task List" in the Calendar view. Currently, tasks created from the customer manager appear here, but it is impossible to find out who they are associated with without going back to the customer manager, which is a bit clumsy.


It would be good if this can be rectified.

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Hi Paul,


Based on my test, it is not avaiable to show OCM Tasks related customer in Outlook Task page. Regarding this feature and more details, I will involve our related team to further analyze.
Thanks for your patience.


Hi Shuman. I posted here on the back of a suggestion from someone from MS Support. I'm not sure what you've done, but I've found that tasks created in OCM are viewable in the Outlook Task page. The issue is simply one of identifying which customer they are linked to

Hi Paul,


Thanks for your patience and clarification. Based on my consult result from our related team, 
tasks created in OCM are viewable in the Outlook Task page while the linking between a contact and a task can only be viewed in OCM. Can you submit your feedback via the following link:



Understanding your feedback is the best way to perfect our new products and services.


Thanks for your time and understanding.




I resolved this problem by adding customers name in task text box. I'm reading this today because I discovered recently created tasks in OCM are not showing in Outlook.


I am experiencing the same problem:

Tasks created in Outlook are not visible in OCM, and tasks created in OCM are not visible in Outlook tasks.
Looking at the earlier thread, I don't know how to apply the resolution outlined in Kerry's email below on 11/02/17.
Where do you add the customer name?