Something Went Wrong - Outlook Customer Manager

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I turned on, with the help of Microsoft, the Outlook Customer Manager last week. It has never worked, and I've spent well over 12 hours with customer support to get it to work - with NO success.

Can anyone out there fix this glitch? It is obviously an issue since there are so many subjects about it.

Support is so tired of dealing with it, they actually sent me to a SALES number to have them fix it - really - SALES???

HELP I need this to work!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Eqgoddess, May I know whether you got the error while you opened the OCM (Outlook Customer Manager) in the Outlook client? If so, please try 1. Make sure your default browser on your PC is Internet Explorer. 2.. Clear the cache of your IE browser. 3. Re-launch the OCM to see if it can be opened successfully. Regards, Alan