Some users are unable to connect to OCM


have followed some articles & when I get to Mail/General/Manage Add On's in OWA, OCM isn there.


for other users it is.


Any other suggestions?

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Hi Todd,


About this issue, I would like to confirm the following information:

  1. Please let the user encounter the issue go to > Subscriptions > check whether he/she have the Outlook Customer Manager license. See the screenshot below:ocm license.jpg
  2. If OCM license not show above, you can log an Office 365 admin account into Office 365 Admin Center, click User> Active User> then double click the user. In the opening page, click edit behind Product Licenses to check if you have Outlook Customer Manager On. See the screenshot below:OCM open.jpg

  3. Feel free ro share with the above information for further troubleshooting.



Hello Amanda,


OCM does appear under subscriptions when user logs in to OWA, however when I log in to admin & go to the users account the options show


Capture frame.PNG


I have now managed to log in via the IOS app which seems to have prompted something

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Hi Todd,

Based on the above screenshot , I suggest you first try to fix the subscription issue based on the notification.

And then if OCM still not appear, for further investigating, I have sent you some information via PM, please check.


Hi Amanda,


OCM magically appeared yesterday.


Seems one has to wait over 24 hours for it to provision.





Hi Todd,

I'm very glad that the issue has been resolved. If you have any other questions when using OCM in future, please feel free to post a new thread in our forum.