Signed up for ocm ios app in January - any news / release dates?

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Hi, I have been invited to sign up to ocm ios app preview in Januarz, did so and received the auto reply - I will be informed when it is ready - so this was in January. Now, 5 month have passed, OCM already released and some youtubers praise the nice work in ocm ios app... anybody has infos when it will be available?
Thank tou
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Hi Paul,

The iOS app is on our roadmap and we are working on making a few changes. It will be out soon.

Thank you for your interest.




Hi Paul,


OCM ios App has not released yet. We'll update here if there is any news about the release.


Thanks for your understanding.


Thank you for letting me know.
Of course I am excited and looking forward to using ocm both, at my desk and onthe go!