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It seems that the Timeline is not shared by the OCM.

It's nonsense!

If a team member can not see the history (with details) of a client, then how can he help him?

If the OCM is just a tool to share contact informations, then it does not bring much.

We already had the possibility to create a shared contact folder ...

But maybe I did not set up OCM correctly?

Thank your for your retunrs.

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Hi Emeric,
Thanks for sharing the impressive idea. And I also believe that it will be great to add the ability to share the timeline information in OCM.
Since OCM is a new feature, I suggest you submit feedback via the link below:

Providing your feedback is the best way to perfect our products and services.

Thanks for your understanding.

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I agree, sharing timelines is a great idea in fact according to the Microsoft OCM Introduction in November, 2016 (see below) OCM was supposed to do that already.  See bold text below.  I've been so focused on customizing deal phases that I missed the fact OCM wasn't providing a timeline. 

So I agree with Emeric, it is kind of worthless until this feature is included. 





"Introducing Outlook Customer Manager—relationships made easy for small businesses
by Outlook Team, on November 14, 2016 ....


Get everyone on the same page
At a small business, everyone pitches in for customers. But when several team members talk to a customer, it can quickly get complicated to keep track of all the communication. With Outlook Customer Manager, you can choose to share customer information with your team so everyone is on the same page.
This means the next time an employee is out sick, other team members can answer a call from their customers with all the needed information at their fingertips—from notes from recent customer calls to upcoming meeting dates, and from deal stage information to the name of that customer’s dog"

I agree with all - this needs to be part of the base product. It would be helpful to add a toggle or radio button to view just MY timeline or the Group Timeline.

Hi Travis,


Thanks for interesting and letting us know your experience. You can submit your feedback via the link above. Providing your feedback is the best way to perfect our products and services.


Your understanding and time would be highly apprecited.


Has there been any progress on this? It would be helpful to be able to print/export timeline data as well.