Sharing Timeline Information

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Currently when a contact, company or deal is shared with a group, that item's notes and files are able to be shared. Timeline information, however, such as call logs, posts, or emails are only visible to the individual user who inputs the data. The rest of the team cannot see a log of a call I made to a customer. Will sharing timeline infomation become a feature of this product? In my organization, the ability for several users to see who has contacted a customer and what information was discussed would be incredibly useful.

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Hi Eric,


Thanks for sharing the impressive idea. And I also believe that it will be great to add the ability to share the timeline information in OCM.

Regarding this situation, I suggest you submit feedback via the link below to let our developer team value the needs from our customer.


Thanks for your understanding.


I completely agree.  This type of timeline information (Emails, call logs, posts) needs to be shared among the team otherwise the sharing function is virtually useless.  We have multiple people within our organization who communicate with the customer.  These intereactions should all be captured and visible to all under the Deal Timeline.  


I did not see a post to the Outlook Feedback site for Outlook Customer Manager.  So, I added a request to improve Outlook Customer Manager.   I used much of your language as it sums up the problem very well.  I hope you don't mind.



Completely agree.  This isn't a CRM without timeline sharing.  It's just a list of Companies, Contacts and Deals (and yes, associated notes and attachments) which I can implement in dozens of different ways.  Really?  How can I work collaboratively with my team if I can't see their interactions?

Hi Tim,


Thanks for taking the time to share the user experience here. It is suggested you vote on the feedback via the link below which is shared by Ried. It's necessary to understand our customers' need to make OCM better.


Thanks for your understanding.


Any sort of feature development needs to be careful not to force all users to share all comm's with a universal contact. Some emails are confidential or private in nature.


But I agree the availability to share timeline (with appropriate controls) would be a valuable feature.

Hi Lance,


I very much agree with the comments - is there any agreement/time when this function will be added?





This is something that I was lead to believe was already in place and I'm really disappointed that it's not. The CRM side isn't joined up if someone can't pick up tasks, notes and calls. 

Plus, tasks input onto Outlook directly can't be assigned to a company which makes the whole package disjointed and a huge waste.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to help cohesion within a small business with people who need to add to company files/data and share information freely, I would really appreciate it.


I totally second the idea of sharing the timeline. Also an export function of a timeline for a contact / deal would be of great value.