Sharing e-mails

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One point of this i thought, was being to be able to share incoming or outgoing e-mails from specific companies or contatcs. So if a mail arrives from a client to one internal person on our team, others on that team could get access to it if needed.


Or  at least an easy way to say "I want to share this email with the rest of the team."


Can we do that?

If so, how?



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I'm not aware of a direct sharing e-mail feature in OCM, but what you could do is save the e-mail in the OCM Group and share with the team members

@Morten Tvedten, thanks for the feedback. OCM currently supports sharing customer information with your colleagues. Sharing of activities (email/meeting)  is in our plan. There is a similar request at user voice :


We appreciate it if you vote (or create a new request).