Sharing Customers does not share the Company

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When we share contacts in Outlook Customer Manager it does not share the company they are associated with? I really hope they change this. The other team members have to manually add that company to their OCM, or if someone shares the company individually we end up with duplicates.


This is frustrating.


Am I missing something?


If I share a contact with a team members, I would really like it if all of the relevent information was shared, like the company as well. 


ALSO - How on earth do I merge companies? One of the employees typed the company name wrong so I have duplicates. 



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Hello Zach, Thank you for the feedback. I would request you to please submit the two points of feedback at our User Voice site so we can review it for upcoming releases. Appreciate writing to us.

Hi Zach,


Merging companies directly is not available so far. In this scenario, you can contact the OCM contact or OCM company owner to modify the company name.