Shared Company/Contact shows "This contact was deleted or not shared with you" on coworkers OCM

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I have created a company called "Book Keeping" that I have shared.  I also added a contact to that company, and set the contact to Business Contact -> Yes, Shared -> Yes.  


However when any of my team members go to Outlook -> OCM -> Companies -> "Book Keeping" -> Contacts, they see the attached image.


Error message.png


When my coworkers go to Outlook -> OCM -> Contacts, they are able to open and view the details of that same contact.


Shouldn't they be able to open the shared contact from within the shared Company?

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This seems to be working well now. It looks like it just took some time for the sharing to propagate.

How long does sharing take for your team? Ours is taking several hours to propagate and be visible to others in our organization. 


For Example:

We had a new deal logged at 9:09am and at 1:30ish pm it was available in everyone OCM via clicking "refresh." We all had to constantly click refresh keeping an eye out for it. Seems a bit counter intuitive. 


Johnny- any ideas other than deleting cloud app data from IE? I have already had everyone on our team do that multiple times.