Seriously, can't you just fix the tons of spam emails problem? You can learn from your G friend...

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I am receiving tens of spams and ads every day. Have to check and mark the bad ones as junk and then block them and at the end of the day, again the same process. This is how I deal with Outlook every day and I am really tired of it. I have different emails from other services (and you know that I am not advertising them ;) ) and none of them are like this. This shouldn't be a tough job for you guys at Microsoft. Now the Outlook has been a very ideal place for spammers and advertising companies and seems you don't care... I wish I knew this when I decided to open my first email account...

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Dear Customer,


Welcome to post here. As per my knowledge, the admin in an Office 365 for Business tenant can configure the SPF record to block the spams. Also, admin can create the organization-wide safe sender list in Office 365, please see here to get the detailed information.


Meanwhile, at the end user side, we can block the sender's domain on Outlook Web App (OWA) and the desktop client side.


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