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I'm using Salesforce now and we're considering switching over to OCM, however it looks like the sidepanel only opens to the contact for the current email you have open.  Is there a way to search for another contact or deal in the sidepanel?  That would be very handy.  Otherwise, I really can't see us moving over.  It takes too many steps to go to the OCM add on, find another contact etc.  Here is a snapshot of what the Salesforce Lightning for Outlook sidepanel looks like.  You can search for any kind of record and add new ones.  Thanks.

Salesforce Lightning for Outlook Side PanelSalesforce Lightning for Outlook Side Panel

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Hi Dan,


Have you loaded the OCM successfully? If so, you can start OCM to search all contacts which are imported to Outlook.






Yes, I can search contacts ok, but I don't think I can do that from the sidepanel and access the real features of OCM (like logging calls, viewing deals etc).  Am I missing something?