Safari web browser unable to open OCM

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I use safari web browser and when I select OCM add in, I get the message "something went wrong, please make sure that your browser settings allow cache creation"


I do not have outlook apps blocked, I did not see anywhere where I can change to "always allow" as per this thread:


any help to fix this would be appreciated.

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Hi Jamie,


If you open Safari and goes to Preferences, click Privacy, then you will be able to see the below settings:


Since your settings is difference, we recommend that you seek help from Safari support to check if there’s any problem. Also, you can try using another browser, like Chrome to check if it helps.





I am on the most recent version of Safari so not the same screen - see attachment

any other suggestions?


Have you ever managed to solve this problem?

I managed to get it to work in Firefox but would really prefer to do it in Safari.


unfortunately no it did not.

this issue and few others I have had with OCM just end up like this with no reply.  I must say its frustrating that the support for Microsoft products needs to improve.  Sometimes I feel like I know more then the support staff and that is just not right!