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I am noticing the sharing contacts doesnt seem to be working as well. To us, that is THE WHOLE point of this addin. If it cant do that, its useless.


Also, they have videos everywhere talking up the IOS app so team members can see the contacts and CRM data from their iphone on the go... Turns out, the IOS app is not "fully baked yet" and it isnt even available... So here we are waiting for microsoft to respond and explain this mess.

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Outlook Customer Manager iOS app is available by request through Outlook Customer Manager UI in Outlook. We temporarily suspended taking a new request as we are making an upgrade to the app but we will take requests again soon.

Could you give me specific instructions on where in the OCM UI in Outlook the request can be made when it becomes available? This way i can monitor it closely. I have 4 users that need OCM on IOS ASAP.




We are still finalizing the plan on where to surface the request link. Most likely on "today" page