Re: OCM encountered an error. Won't start.

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I use Edge as my browser AND I went to IE and removed the No change for me. I still get the same error.





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Maybe you should contact support.

Give them the OCM log (press Shift+OCM while having the error in focus) and, eventually, a Fiddler trace captured while reproducing the error.

Hi Don,


I have sent you a private message to collect the OCM log to investigate the issue. You can 

click the envelope icon in the right corner to access it.




I replied to your email earlier today. Wanted to make sure that you received it.

Hi Don,


I've confirmed with Lance that he didn't receive the reply in private message from you.

Could you please check it?


Also, I've sent you a private message to collect the OCM log. Please click the envelope icon in the right corner to access it.




This shows the licencing information for the version that I have.

Hi Don,


Thanks for the information provided.

From the log and the screenshot about the Outlook version, the issue should be related to the Outlook version. Outlook Customer Manager requires minimum outlook vesion of 1611 (Build 7521.2072)

For more detailed information, you can check:


Based on my research, it seems that you are using Deferred Channel of Office 365 ProPlus. You can refer to the following article to switich to Current Channel to meet the Outlook version requirement for OCM.

As a tip, if your Office 365 ProPlus was deployed by your IT administrator, please contact them for assistance.






Hi Don,


Does Kanjie's suggestion work for you? Can you share any update with us?




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Hi guys, here's what I know.


  • We were and are on a First Release profile for Office 365 Business 
  • I manually updated the Office Software and no change 
  • I installed the Creative 10 Software Update with no change
  • I updated the Apps and no change
  • I then updated the Apps manually from within Outlook and it updated with a Click to Run version - see screenshot.


It's fixed now.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Hi Don,


Glad to hear the issue is fixed now. Thanks a lot for your sharing!




I am on the same build


1704 (build 8067 2032)


Shows 1st release for current channel.


am downloading new update now