Re: Customer Manager, outlook on the web, and Safari

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Hi Kanjie


I am having the same issue, on both chrome and safari.


it starts when it tries to load

which time out.


safari error:

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 3.34.30 PM.png


I get similar errors in chrome, plus the usual CORs header errors because of the headers that are missing


then the following resources fail,


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Hi Solomon,


1. What's your OS version, such as Mac OS 10.12.4 or Windows 10 x64?
2. What's your browser version number?
3. If possible, please check whether you can reproduce the issue on the other platform. For example, if you encounter the issue on a Mac, please check whether the same issue occurs on a Windows PC.
4. If possible, please try in another network environment, such as a home network.





1) this test was on osx 10.11.6, 

   - Chrome Version 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit)

   - Safari Version 10.1 (11603.


Having similar issues on the PC. (windows 10 pro 1511, chrome/edge/IE)

 - a number of resources including the frepanel scripts failes to load and build a cache.


it looks like they way Outlook loads the data is the issue. many Corporate firewalls block most CORS requests, and can strip the headers.


OCM pulls data and creates a cache from a different domain, which is has not been declared in the original domain request. this would be considered an attempt from an undeclared domain to save a file on our system, so it is blocked.




looks like its a mix of our firewall and exchange servers, and some issues from the way outlook has decided to load resources.


I dont have a solution yet,

I will have to try from outside the fire wall next



Hi Solomon,


Thanks for your time and effort. As you said, this issue should be related to the firewall in your organization. In this situation, if you need any my assistance in the process of dealing with the network, please feel free to let me know. We are glad to help you.


Best Regards,


Hi Solomon,


Do you still encounter the issue when accessing



Hi Solomn,


Try the following steps to see if the issue can be fixed:


1. Disable develop menu;


OCM MAC disable develop menu.jpg


2. Clear Safari cache;

3. Restart Outlook client.


Note: This action will wipe out everything in Safari, but this is one time action and you don't need to do this everytime open OCM.


Hope this helpful.


Best Regards,