"Authorization has been denied for this request" error when exporting from Outlook Customer Manager


When exporting from outlook customer manager, you may run into the following error:

{"message":"Authorization has been denied for this request."}


The issue above appeared when you are using default browser other than Internet Explorer. We are workin on a fix, but as a temporary work around, you can set Internet Explorer as your default browser with the following steps on Windows 10:


Press Windows Key> Type default app setting and select Default Apps> Click on the app name under Web Browser category, on the popup,  select Internet explorer and confirm the switch.



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The issue seems to with Microsoft Edge.  Is there a plan to remedy this?  I use Edge as a default and don't want to have to switch the default browser every time I want to export data to excel.

Hi Marc -- switching your default browser to Edge is a temporary work around while we are working on a fix for this issue. You can change the default browser back to edge after you are done with your export,

You can also copy the url from the address bar and paste it into Internet Explorer.  Saves changing the default browser each time.

So ... 6 months later is this still not fixed. I am getting this error with Edge.

I have signed up to this group just to rant about how dire Outlook Customer Manager is! In no way is this software stable, tested or in anyway suitable for use. I am generally an advocate for MS software but this is a basket case and from other people's comments has been for some time. Shame on you MS!

Im getting this error with Chrome. How is Customer Manager even usable?