"An error has occurred." when trying to create a OCM Business Contact

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Hey Folks,


I don't know what to do else.

All I want to do with flow is to create a new Business contact (or deal or company) in OCM when a new Microsoft Forms entry is given.The whole workflow works fine except the OCM contact creation. 


ActionFailed. An action failed. No dependent actions succeeded.
Statuscode 500
  "message""An error has occurred."
Any ideas?

Flow result 1Flow result 1Flow result 2Flow result 2Flow result 3Flow result 3

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Hi Bojan Slegel,


Have you tried to create a OCM Business Contact independently without using Flow? Since based on my researching, the error may be related Flow. 


Besides, if it's convenient for you, you can try to delete the flow and try again to check if the error still occurs.




Hey Iry,


thx 4 your suggestion. But that doesn't help. I created a complete new flow with a Button that starts the flow to create a new contact. Same result...


Independently it works fine. we are using OCM without any issues. 


Any other ideas?



Did you manage to fix this? Im having the same issue, what ever i put into the OCM Business Contact connector in Flow i get a 500 server error?



No. Couldn't fix it. Guess this is something MS has to fix.... 

Thanks for your quick reply, have you raised this with Microsoft? 

Incident raised


Case Number: 118082318849004