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I have a problem with the filter companies, at the moment to selections this option, the filtering it doesn`t show me, the other characters as they are ''Actividad'' and ''Razon social'', for me to be able to filter, please help me?




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Hi Paul,


Regarding the Actividad and Razon social, are they the columns created by yourself? If so, I'd like to clarify that it is not feasible to filter for the user created columns. I suggest you vote on the feedback below to make OCM better.


Thanks for your understanding.


Hi Lance,
Yes, are the columns created by my, but, the columns created if they appear and I could filter them recently, only now out of nowhere they don't appear.


Just 6 days ago, they disappeared from nothing, Inclusive in the link that you attached mention:

''We have introduced the ability to filter by user created columns. We are working on more types of custom columns."

 In the conversation from below the march 02, 2017....

The problem is that they don't appear now to filter.


Hi Paul,


Based on my test, the Filter option won't show any Columns created by myself. You may create a new column and test on your side.