Preventing Duplicates while importing to Outlook Customer Manager

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When adding a new user to 365 how do I import their contacts to Outlook OCM and prevent duplicate business contacts form being created. The reason I am asking is that some of the shared contacts will exist in the new user database that is being imported. 


So once "share" the business contact how do prevent duplicates from another user? 

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Hi David,


You may try to use the following method to try to import the contacts to Outlook contacts first rather than directly import them into OCM. OCM contacts are actually associated with your Outlook contacts, which means when importing to OCM you are actually importing them to Outlook contacts. And based on my experience, if you already have some contacts in your Outlook contacts, import them again can lead to generate duplicates. Reference:


Another way is bulk deleting the duplicates after importing. To bulk deleting them, navigate to Outlook contacts and deleting the bulk ones. Please check Shuman's reply: