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Je ne parviens pas à recevoir mes nouveaux mails. (Webmail et appli). J’ai effectué le test d’envoyer via mon autre adresse mail ( et je ne l’ai jamais reçu. L’adresse mail concerné est la
Pourriez vous m’aider svp ?
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Hi Ipi-chalonsnet,


Please be noted that I am an English-spoken support engineer. So if possible, please communicate with me here in English here.


Via checking your domain, I have found that you are an Office 365 user. And we tried releasing the blocked domain from our backend. Please wait for several hours and see if the issue goes.



Good morning Alan

Thank you for your help. It’s ok for my mail box. I have a question it’s possible for you to recover a hold mail ? But I don’t recover my mail in to September 9 and now

Thank you very much