Outlook for MAc not opening

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I click on the Outlook Icon on mi mac to open the application and it wont open. its been like this since yesterday for no apparent reason.
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Hi *TaThYaNa*,


I would like to collect some information:
1. The Mac OS version, such as 10.12.5

2. The Outlook for Mac version, such as 15.35.170610

3. Whether something happened before the issue occurred, such as updating the Outlook for Mac client, Mac OS or Safari?
4. Some screenshots about the symptom



Hi Kanjie (I have a similar problem). Do you know if OCM works with the latest version of OS X El Capitan (10.11.6). Or do we need to run Sierra (10.12.5). If Sierra, are you aware of any plans to build a version for El Capitan? Kind regards, Mark.

Hi Mark,


OCM works with the latest version of OS Sierra and we all don't have a release date for EI Capitan at present. Thanks for your understanding and patience.



Any update on OCM for El Capitan release date?