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A training course on Outlook Customer Manager is available at LinkedIn Training - http://aka.ms/ocmtraining



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is this content avaialable somewhere where you dont need a subscription to view it?





Phil, you can refer to blog articles at http://aka.ms/ocmblog to help you to get started

Thanks Welly.


I have two further questions;


  1. My colleague and I are both accessing OCM, members of the same group, however I cant see his shared contacts / companies and he cant see mine. Why?
  2. I am strggling to understand the relationship between My Contacts and a OCM Contact in terms of syncing the changes made in one or the other.  For example if I add a contact to OCM and share it, it is possible that both of us have the same contact in our own Contacts.  How will OCM help update the info in all places if changes are made. i.e. will the OCM contact act as a portal to disseminate change in all directions, some directions or none at all?  Importantly I need to understand where to make updates to contact details so they are up to date accross devices i.e. mobile, where OCM is not available / in use.
  3. Also OCM contacts are not replicating in People and OCM - see attached screen shots



#1, can you confirm that the contact shared option is set to "yes"? If so, please contact office support for assistance.

#2, when you share a contact in OCM, a new contact is created and synched to all member. Outlook has a feature to automatically linked all contacts with the same name / email and merge information. If your collegue already has a (private) contact, he/she will see "merged" information with information from shared contact added on top of his/her private contact information. For example: if contact shared by you has phone number of 206-555-1000, and your colleague has (private) contact with phone number of 206-555-2000, then your colleague will see 2 phone number (from shared + private), while you see only 1 phone number. Changes to the shared contact will be replicated to all members. For example, if you update your phone number to 206-555-3000, then your colleague will see 206-555-2000 (from her private contact - no change) and the updated number of 206-555-3000 (from shared contact).

#3 Outlook Customer Manager folder is not supposed to appear on your Contacts folder -- it is a bug, we will look into this. Essentially, you do not need to worry that it is empty -- as you should not see the folder there to begin with.

I contacted support as you suggested about the inability to see shared contacts and they had no answer, saying they, Microsoft support had reported the issue to the OCM product development team who are aware of the sync issue but don't have a fix or even an ETA for the fix.


So we are no further forward and I am no clearer as to when this core functionality will become available.

Phil -- I will contact you via private message to get some information for us to investigate