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Hello everyone. I've a need to get a more complete Outlook Customer Manager screen. Today, I use Outlook on the Mac. But, I notice that Outlook in Windows has a more complete OCM management screen. Will we have this screen on the Mac? You can see the OCM photo on the Mac and the OCM on Windows it's very different. Tks!!

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Hi Ericofcg,


This is by design since WIndows and Mac are totally 2 different products services which have different interfaces. For this situation, I suggest you leave a feedback to our related team via As you know, customers' valuable comments will make our products and services better and better. Thanks for your understanding.



The solution I found is that I switch from Mac to Windows. I like Windows very much, it's an excellent service, Surface is amazing, but I've been very adept at Mac for a long time. I just think Outlook should be more complete on the Mac. Tks for help! I'll go to website that you sent me.