Outlook Customer Manager - outlook customer manager not available

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we work with this Add-In. 


But it's not available/not showing up.


This Issue ist 100rd times raised. But there is no Fix for this. 


@microsoft, please send us a fix. There can't be an add-in, but the add'in is ony 50% available...

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Hi Dave,


May I know whether you are using the Office 365 Business Premium Subscription. Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) is only for Office 365 Business Premium Subscription.


And, for your mentioned "the add'in is ony 50% ", please clarify it with more details. For example, you can capture a screenshot about it.




@Alan Wu 


Hi Alan


Yes, we use Premium.


And «50%» is documented in a lot of complaints in the community. Microsoft should fix it (nothing else). Thank you.