Outlook Customer Manager on Windows Mobile

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We just switched to Windows mobile on the very pricey HP X3, to have a full Office ecosystem. We don't need a huge CRM so Outlook Customer Manager is perfect. Then I was shocked to find out that:
1. For mobile, OCM is only available on iPhone (!!!), and,
2. Outlook Tasks don't show in the Windows phone version of Outlook or in OWA.

So, we would love to test Tasks and OCM in Windows mobile but we can't wait too long. Will OCM be available soon on Windows phones or should we return these devices for iPhone so we can work across platforms? Don't want to do that!
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Well, not a big surprise at all...Microsoft is always delivering new mobile stuff in regards to Office 365 featues first in iOS, then in Android and finally in Windows 10 Mobile
I don't think a Windows Mobile app will be released soon, but you can vote for this here: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082-outlook-customer-manager/suggestions/17130952-mobile-app...

What did you end up doing? I have a windows phone and am trying to see if I can access the CRM data via mobile - did you have any luck?


Since your post, Microsoft To-do has come online and it's great - links directly from Tasks and flagged emails in outlook, so accessible via mobile and desktop. 


Like you, very loathe to get an iPhone, just bought one for my partner as his windows phone was too old. Have had many iphones over the years and really, just a shiny toy - I hope windows phones are continuing and MS puts effort into their apps. Anyway, interested to know how you ended up proceeding.