Outlook Customer Manager - not working; browser settings need to allow cache creation

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I have successfully been using Outlook Customer Manager for several weeks, but now when I try to access OCM I get an error message: "Something Went Wrong - Please make sure that your browser settings allow cache creation". I receive this message both in the local Outlook client and the online client. Other individuals in my organization can still access the OCM.


Any suggestions?



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Hi Jeff,

OCM is working based on the cache of IE 11 and later version. So first please make sure your Internet Explorer settings allow cache creation.

So please check if the box "Allow website caches and databases" under your IE browser>Internet Options (General tab) > Settings (under "Browsing history") > Caches & databases tab is checked.

After that if the issue still happens, please clear the cache of your IE browser with the steps below and check if the issue can be fixed.
1. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases.
2. Delete cache files for the website "outlookapps.com".
3. Then, restart Outlook 2016.


Hi Jeff,

Feel free to share with any updates when you have time.


Hi Amanda,


I tried all that you suggested. Even reinstalled Office 2016 on my device - still the same error message persists. Any other ideas?



Hi Jeff,

To further troubleshoot this issue, I need to collect some information in the PM I sent to you.

you can click the envelope icon in the right corner to access it.


Hi All

Did you get anywhere with this.  I have a customer trying OCM.  It crashes IE every time he loads and I've just tested on my machine with Edge.

In Outlook browser I click on the button and the OCM window opens and just spins.

It did show something about browser cache in IE which is set but I assume Edge should do that already.



I've also looked at the IE settings and caches and databases are enabled.

Hi Adrian,


Probably not the answer you are looking for, but we could not resolve the issue. Initially, the issue was only affecting one machine. Now we have 7 machines that are unable to access the OCM. We have since moved on from OCM to SharePoint and HubSpot for customer/client management.  Not my ideal because the features OCM offered were more inline with our organizational needs and size.


Hope you fair better. Good luck.



I have the same problem but unable to resolve , can somebody help me with this.