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Kate Seymour
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Day 4 of trying to figure out why Outlook customer manager wont show in my outlook. I have searched every forum for the answers.


I have checked the subscriptions and we have OCM

I have checked the custom add ins and its there and on

i have checked in setting also its there

I have turned outlook off and left for 24 hours

I have removed OCM and re added it.

I have the latest update of outlook


Any clues on what i could try next please, its driving me insane!




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Hello Kate,


Thanks for posting here.


If you can access the OCM on OWA, please do it for temporary usage. Meanwhile, I will consult with our related team for further assistance. We appreciate your understanding.





Hello Kate,


Can you access the OCM on OWA? And If the issue persists, there are a few other possible ways this may occur.

  • User access is turned off by admin.  Admin can turn it off in Admin Center > Users > Active Users > your account.
  • There is a limit to the number (25?) of people within an organization may access OCM, but that should fire an alert when the +1 person tries to use it. 
  • Please check if the OCM add-in shows in the Outlook ribbon. Or please click More(…) in the navigation bar and then click Add-in to check if you access OCM there.


Meanwhile, if other users have the same issue with you, please confirm if the OCM access is turned off in your tenant configuration.




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