Outlook Customer Manager Is Dead (Or definately on the way to the chopping block)


A quick heads up tall people coming here trying to understand and make sense of Outlook Customer Manager. It seems that most of the people who worked on this Project in microsoft have been moved on to other projects. A little digging on LinkedIn clearly demonstrates this. Again microsoft is totally abysmal at communicating with its customers and has left us customers hanging in the wind. We faced a year with an unusable product and now all the signs point to OCM disappearing completely. Another sign is that nothing on uservoice has been completed by microsoft since September last year.


So long story short. DO NOT use OCM for your business CRM until microsoft makes its position clear.



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@Eric Legault


so why are they deleting politically sensitive posts? 

@Kevin FairburnWho knows. Not sure why they'd care at this point

@Eric Legault 


Good point, but they were deleted nonetheless!

Hello all! Moderator here to clarify these post removals.


The message posted today from Boss Man was picked up by our automatic spam filter (probably due to containing an external link which often gets flagged) and has been moved back into the forum. It was not deleted. We get posts in our automatic spam filter every day, and every weekday, our team looks at the ones that don't belong and moves them back into the forum. Sorry for any confusion. 


The message from September from Kevin Fairburn was deleted. While this did undergo some code of conduct-based edits due to initially using all caps, I'm not sure why it got removed. I've moved it back. Sorry about that. 


Hope that clears things up. I am not on the product team and can verify that no one from the Outlook Customer Manager team was involved in any post removals.  

"...no one from the Outlook Customer Manager team was involved in any post removals.."


and nobody from Microsoft is even reading these messages from angry customers who feel cheated out of the full package of software they contracted to at point of purchase...


C'mon guys, this community is supposed to be a two way street, not a place for dissatisfied and frustrated customers to vent at other customers who feel likewise.


Give us an official reply to this issue please.

Sadly folks, looks like we are being left to our own devices and are paying for the privilege.


This is really a pointless exercise for me now and i have resigned myself to the fact that as "wonderfull" as O365 is it is as terrible, the same goes for Microsoft's approach to all of this and their respect for me as a customer, whom they have by the short and curly's now


I understand that they cannot possibly address every users situation on an individual basis, however silence is not the answer either. We have been given a platform to engage with MS, but it is clearly a window dressing exercise.


Have a greet weekend Folks.





@katerina1490Has anyone tried DejaOffice?  It is not cloud based.

@Paul Worthington Looks like it is (sort of) official - https://mspoweruser.com/microsoft-to-discontinue-microsoft-invoicing-and-outlook-customer-manager-fo...


Time to look at alternatives like ProphetCRM - www.avidian.com - one of the first to build CRM into Outlook.