Outlook Customer Manager - August update


We squashed some bugs and made optimizations to Outlook Customer Manager in the update that was released last week. We have been investigating an Outlook add-in error reported by users with large number of contacts. In order to improve handling of large number of contacts, we are releasing of a new list design. The update includes a redesigned detailed view of Outlook Customer Manager to make it a smoother experience for you to manage your contacts, companies and deals. The update would have been installed automatically when you navigated to the detailed view of Outlook Customer Manager within Outlook. There is no set up or action needed to get the update.


The new grid has the count of items on the top left corner of the list and a search bar for a quick look up.


You can add new columns to the table by choosing Add Column. Fill in the data type and the name and complete the process by choosing Add.



You can also delete items from the list by selecting the delete button on the top of the list while an item is selected in the list.



We are making further enhancements to the detailed view to add new capabilities, so stay tuned for more updates.

2 Replies

It still does not  work correctly.


I am unable to seperate busines and personal contacts. 

I keep having to clear my cache for it to sync arcoss machines.


I so wanted this to be a good product



I'm receiving the Add-inn error "ADD-IN ERROR - Sorry we had to restart because this add-in wasn't responding."


I've read in other posts that this has been resolved, but it is not for my client.  Any suggestions/fixes?