Outlook Customer Manager and Domestic Calling - Impossible Configuration?


Business Requirement: 

Configure users to use Domestic Calling and Outlook Customer Manager.


Current Scenario:

If I assign my users to Business Premium licenses for O365, then we can use Outlook Customer Manager, but we can't use Voice for calling.

If I assign my users to E3 licenses for O365, then we can make calls using Domestic Calling, but we can't use Outlook Customer Manager. 


Current workaround:

Luckily, we can automate the license switch using PowerApps, Flow, and PowerShell, so after a phone call, the user can press a PowerApps button and switch back to a Business Premium license to record the phone call and send a follow up email. However, this means we have a couple of hours (sometimes less!) to wait before our next call after switching back to the E3/Domestic Calling license combo. It's killing our productivity. (OK, I dramatized this a little bit. it's just slowing down our productivity a lot, nothing is being  'killed' here.)



Any alternative configuration workarounds?





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Hi Owen Allen,


Another workaround I can think of is using Skype app apart from Office 365 to make domestic calls but the shortage is you cannot integrate it with your business contacts in OCM. Given the situation, you may send us a feedback via the following link: https://office365.uservoice.com/forums/273493-office-365-admin Many features of current programs might be designed and upgraded based on customers’ feedback. Your voice is important for us to improve our products.




Thanks Leo,

Per your suggestion, I voted on uservoice.

The work arounds we have to choose between are using O365 BusPrem with Outlook Customer Manager and a third party Voice solution such as Zoom.us (but that kind of screws us for Voice calls within Teams...); or using O365 E3 with Domestic Calling and a third party small business CRM solution such as HubSpot or Zoho. 

Neither option is attractive to us.