Outlook Customer Manager Addin Error

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Hi, today Outlook Customer Manager addin installed to my account and activated. When I clicked button it says Certificate error, when continued nothing happens. It says there is an error for this addin. And to solve issue I wanted to reinstall so office store I've chosed remove. Now I cant reload Outlook Customer Manager
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You cannot manually reinstall the add in, but it should be provisioned again automatically.

If you still have certificate errors, attach screenshots here and make sure you have all the updates for the root certificates.

The add in needs IE11 to work properly, so make sure you have it and it works fine.

Thank you for your answer, yes it is provisioned again automatically. My connection problem still occurs. I've add a screenshot about problem.

The certificate error might be caused by a firewall or proxy, or by the lack of one of the trusted root certificates.

Can you browse to, using IE, and see if you have any certificate error?

Yes, I see a warning about certificates, when I clicked to continue, there is no problem. I've disabled our network and tried to reach via other internet network (shared from my phone), and I could reach Customer Manager welcome screen. But this time there was another message, I've attached.

This last message is something that multiple users reported, but I guess you just have to wait a little bit more.

My assumption is that the process of making OCM fully functional it's split in multiple phases, one of them being to make the add in available in Outlook. This phase being complete in your case, I think it will not take longer until the phase of enabling the functionality will also take place