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Hi Guys,

I have moved from Office 365  Personal to Office 365 Business purely for the Outlook Customer Manager. It is listed in the add ins on my subscription, it has automatically uploaded onto my Ipad & I phone - but can I get to load onto my PC - no I can't!

I need it on my PC so a I can transfer my customer contacts from my ACT database.

I have listed Target release for everyone (see below - the button has been activated) - I am the only person in my organisation. There is not a first release option.


Standard release

Get updates when we release them broadly.
Targeted release for everyone
Get updates early for your entire organization​
Targeted release for selected users
Pick people to preview updates so that you can prepare your organization


I am based in the UK. Can anyone help please?


Many thanks,


Cliff Jackson                                               


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Hello Cliff,


Generally, with the Office 365 Business Premium Subscription, we can access to the Outlook Customer Manager (OCM). And from your description, you can't access to the OCM in Outlook client.


Please try clearing the cache of your IE browser with the steps below and check if the issue can be fixed. 

1. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases. 

2. Delete cache files for the website "outlookapps.com". 

3. Then, restart Outlook 2016. 


If the issue persists, please provide us a screenshot about the detailed phenomenon of the "no I can't" for further analysis.




Hi Cliff,

i hope you save you a lot of time and advise you not to go down the road with OCM. It is an absolutely awful product at the moment. Nothing works as you would expect and how microsoft released OCM in its current form under general release still surprises me a year later. Have a good proper read through peoples issues here. I genuinely hope to have saved you a lot of headaches on this.