Outlook CM - Error - Your browser is out of date?

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Hello - Love the idea of having Outlook Customer Manager! I get this message when I click on the add in;

Outlook Customer Manager

We're sorry
Your browser is out of date. Please try again when you have updated it.
Do I have to use Explorer as my default or Edge? I enabled Edge as my default and that did not change the message status.
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I have updated Windows no change.

I set Edge as the default browser after the update, with Outlook closed, no change.


Seems like Customer Manager 1.0 has a few too many glitches!


The browser required is IE 11. It doesn't have to be the default browser.
I have the same issue. OCM on my outlook ribbon for a couple of weeks already but when I press I get my browser out of date despite having latest updates and even making Edge default. Even tried IE11 but that didnt work either

Nope IE 11 does not work with OCM either

Can you attach a screenshot of the error?

Here is a screen shot from this morning.

I think you should contact support.

Same problem is discovered in my Outlook but not others in our company. I used IE 11. I asked for help from MS support and the support guy told me she had no experience on this. And asked me to seek help here....

Given the number of issue the first version is having I will wait for an update to be pushed out.
Hope they will correct these issue soon.
Worked with 365 tech support on this. Simplest fix was to uninstall Office and reinstall. Worked on all three PC's.

Try to set IE 11 as default browser. It may help. My problem has been resolved by recent Outlook update.