One user unable to see shared companies, deal, contacts.

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3 other users in the same O365 tenant able to see the shared company, contacts, deals but one not.

Have check they are member of the "Outlook Customer Manager" group and even removed and readded. But they do not see any cshared stuff in the Outlook Addin.


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Have you tried refreshing the contacts?


Will try this on Thursday when I next am sitting with the person and their laptop.

I am having the same problem. I have three users evaluating OCM and they create and assign users and companies and then select shared but they are never visible outside their own accounts. I confirmed all users are members of the OCM group as well. How do you share information among multiple users in OCM?

Refresh does nothing. Additionally, if that person tries to share a contact the rest of us do NOT see it.


Could be possible that when the person setup OCM initially they used their default login instead of proper O365 company domain account as was having some issues with getting rid of that login from the login screen. Is there a way to reset their OCM setup stuff and start them again?

My users have been setup under the same domain configuration and security since the begining.  Has anyone seen this function work?

Just want to add my voice to the crowd. We can't share contacts or companies either. OCM is kind of pointless without the abillity to share data.


Any progress anyone?

Is there anyone outside Microsoft that has this working?



The fix for this issue is being deployed as we speak and your tenant might already have it, but it might take a few more days until it's deployed to every tenant.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sharing should be done again (unshare > save > share > save).

Does it have to be the same domain name? We are using different domains depending on branch, but we all work with the same contacts and my colleagues can't see my shared contacts even though they are members of OCM group...